Presidential Campaign Smaller 3 Dimensional



Octagonal bronze struck medal with obverse depicting clothed bust of John Hylan within central oval medallion inscribed: "JOHN E. HYLAN MAYOR," flanked by the Statue of Liberty, at left, and City Hall, at right; date "1924" at lower center; all within beaded border. Reverse contains seal of New York within oval medallion at center enclosed within laurel wreath; legend:"THE CITY OF NEW YORK/DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION"

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Kennedy memorial charm with bubble over portrait

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LBJ for the USA plastic ring

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Jimmy Carter watch fob/keychain end

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Package of Jimmy Carter Peanuts from Plains Headquarters

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George Bush for President whistle given out at 1988 convention by Bush grandchildren to VIP's in New Orleans.

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Kennedy Democrat for Governor with miniature princess phone hanging below (not shown) $15  Buy Now