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Original Political Brochures
For Franklin D. Roosevelt
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FDRbrochure-1 $45 Buy Now FDR 8 1/2" x 11" paper poster from New Jersey

FDRbrochure-9 $10  Buy Now 7" x 12" Our Wealth of Earth & Water--The National Conservation Army--Look Ahead with Roosevelt flier   
FDRbrochure-2 $7  Buy Now Sample fold-out Ballot for Town of Alexandria, County of Jefferson for Presidential Delegates to Dem. Convention FDRbrochure-10 $7 Buy Now 4" x 9" Sen. Fred H. Brown Box Holder "Governor Landon Said?
FDRbrochure-3 $10 Buy Now 7" x 12" The Farmer Remembers Longer than the Elephant--Keep Farm Recovery & Roosevelt flier FDRbrochure-11 $14  Buy Now 6" x 9" 12-page booklet "1936 Promises vs the Record--Address by Harold Ickes--the two Governor Landons
1932 Campaign 1940 Campaign
FDRbrochure-4 $14 Buy Now 6" x 9" when folded, 16-page booklet "Everybody's Political Primer" Anti-Hoover 1932, lots of cartoons like this with cute poems from DNC, NYC FDRbrochure-12 $15  Buy Now 4 1/4" x 9 1/2" 12-page brochure "Platford of the 1940 Democratic National Convention" with FDR & Wallace
1936 Campaign FDRbrochure-13 $12 Buy Now 5 3/4" x 9" 12-page booklet "Seven Years of Mr. Willkie!" from DNC
FDRbrochure-5 $15  Buy Now 6 1/2" x 9 1/4" 12-page booklet "Roosevelt & Lehman They've Done Right by Us" NY Booklet
   FDRbrochure-6  High quality, great paper 2-fold, opens to 18" x 10" with letters from all the movers & shakers of the Great Society inside talking about 1936 Dem. National Convention book "President's Edition" $15  Buy Now FDRbrochure-14 $14 Buy Now Nice 7" x 10" "If You Work for a Living the Election of Roosevelt is Your Affair" Employees for Roosevelt, NYC flier
  FDRbrochure-7   6" x 9" 12-page booklet "Spending to Save" "The Text of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Address recounting the ravages of drought he observed on his Mid-western trip" in regards to Dust Bowl.  $10 Buy Now
FDRbrochure-15 $10 Buy Now 5 1/4" x 8 1/4" 1-fold brochure DNC-issued So He's Ruined Business!
FDRbrochure-8 $10 Buy Now 7" x 12" The Democratic Blackboard vs Republican Blackmail, Fair Play for All with Roosevelt flier  FDRbrochure-16 $14 Buy Now Great "Third Term Catechism" by DNC with "Coolidge Third Term Boom" as ghost 8-page 4 3/4"x 8" brochure
        1944 Campaign
FDRbrochure-17 Now 3 1/2" x 5 3/4" Box Holder from Congressman Fred E. Busbey against Sidney Hillman, supporting 4th Term for FDR
        FDRbrochure-18 $4  Buy Now LBJ-Era brochure for FDR's Roosevelt Campobello International Park

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