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Presidential Inaugural Invitations 1929-1949 Hoover, FDR, Truman

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1929 Congressional Inaugural Invitation for President Herbert Hoover and Vice President Charles Curtis -- Includes the fabulous
12-Page Government-issued Program.  One minor stain on invitation.  First I've ever seen.

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1937 FDR-Garner Democratic Victory Dinner for the Inauguration by the Young Democratic Clubs of America.  Includes original envelope, 2 informational cards and return envelope.  Impressive engraved photos & eagle for FDR & Garner.  Inaug2- $75   Buy Now

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Rare 1937 Congressional Inaugural Invitation for President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vice President John Nance Garner including near mint engraved photos of FDR and Garner.  Includes original Congressional envelope but envelope is in poor shape--it took all the abuse so the inside items were well protected!  These early Congressional invitations are nearly impossible to find.
Inaug2-3 $300
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1940 Congressional Inaugural Invitation front cover only with part of paper on left side torn out  Inaug2-4 $25   Buy Now


1937 Response Card & Envelope to FDR-Garner Victory Dinner Inaug2-6 $25 Buy Now

Rare 1949 Congressional Inaugural Invitation for President Harry S. Truman and Vice President Alben Barkley --Includes invitation and enclosure photos & original tissues & envelope for Inaugural Platform

Inaug2-7 $250   Buy Now

1949 Inaugal Ball Return Ticket Inaug2-8 $15 Buy Now

1949 "Flown from Mexico for the Inaugural Ball...Compliments American Airlines" little Ticket
Inaug2-9 $15
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1949 Truman-Barkley Inaugural Ball Ticket--near mint embossed and engraved. Inaug2-10 $45  Buy Now

Fabulous and Harry Truman Inaugural Ball Program with blue tassel, full-page photos of Trumans, etc. 8 1/2" x 11" when closed.
Inaug2-11 $75   
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Official 1949 Truman-Barkley Inaugural Program 72 pages, some wear but looks great! 
Inaug2-12 $45   
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