19th Century Political Campaign Tokens
from Late 1800's Campaigns
Token1800-1  1892 President Grover Cleveland and Vice President Adlai Stevenson I with 1892/93 Columbian Exposition on reverse.  Aluminum token 45 mm and 3 mm thick in very good condition  $125   Buy Now Token1800-2  3" for 1884 James G. Blaine for President.  This campaign had Blaine slogan "Ma Ma Where's My Pa?" about Cleveland's illegitimate baby and Cleveland's response "Gone to the White House Haw Haw Haw." No pin on back
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Token1800-3 President Benjamin Harrison  11/16" button stud Hake 3194
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Token1800-4  James G. Blaine for Pres.,
John Logan for VP Brass
Token 25.5mm,
Signed P.L. Krider, Philadelphia

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Token1800-5 President Grover Cleveland 1/2" photo under glass with fancy brass rim.  Made as a stud button for wearing in button hole.
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Token1800-7 1888 Benjamin Harrison mechanical stickpin with  paint loss blends in
3/4" x 1 1/2"

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Token1800-8  1888 President Benjamin Harrison 7/16" x
2 1/8" stickpin

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Token1800-9  1880 James Garfield & Chester A. Arthur Token with Union Shield on Reverse
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Token1800-9a  1884 James Blaine & John Logan Presidential Campaign Token

Medalet promoting James Blaine for president and John Logan for vice president, 1884. Gilt brass. DeWitt 1884-21. Holed for suspension.  Obv. Jugata busts of Blaine and Logan to left; signature of engraver, P.L.KRIDLER PHILA., below; enclosed in beaded border. Rev. Inscription around in two concentric circles, THE REPUBLICANS HAVE RULED SINCE 1860 AND WITH BLAINE AND LOGAN ARE GOOD FOR ANOTHER TERM, enclosing a shield inscribed UNION; enclosed in beaded border. $125   Buy Now

10 3/4" x 13 3/4" Published in 1881 by C. Carlberg
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Token1800-10 Charles Sumner & Henry Wilson for Vice President (under Grant) 23mm
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Token1800-11 John Wesley & Francis Asbury Methodist Founders Ferrotype gilt brass frame is inscribed: "Children's Medal/ Centenary of American Methodism 1866
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Token1800-12 1896 William Jennings Bryan for President  & Sewell for Vice President Stickpin (D)
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Token1800-13  "Democratic Club" 1800's 5/8" brass clothing button with Rooster with original shank.
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