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19th Century Political Campaign Tokens
Token-1  George Washington "I Did It with my Little Hatchet" on Hatchet
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Token-2  George Washington with New York City Hall on Reverse Counter Token by Strassburger & Nuhn
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Token-3  George Washington 1st President USA gold-toned token 28mm brass
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Token-4   George Washington-- Reverse: N.J Schloss & CO. Boys Clothing New York
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Token-5 Andrew Jackson 1833 Copper Hard Times Token HT-72 28mm
(sorry sold)
Token-6 1841  Martin Van Buren 28.5mm copper by Scovill 28.5 mm Copper
(sorry sold
Token-7 William Henry Harrison HT-815 Whig Party
(sorry sold
Token-8 1844 Henry Clay HT-808 The Ashland Farmer Hard Times Token
(sorry sold
Token-9  1847 Zachary Taylor 24mm Bronze Trade Token by Scovill, Hero of Palo Alto etc.
(sorry sold
Token-10 1852 Franklin Pierce FP-1852-5, 26mm gilt brass
(sorry sold
Beautiful Detailed George Washington Effanbee Doll with Stand.  Excellent condition--over a foot tall and breathtaking--comes from smoke-free home. 
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George Washington 1876 Centennial Stevensgraph Ribbon

 commemorative ribbon arking the United States' first 100 years, featuring George Washington as the Father of Our Country.   Marked across the top "1776   1876"  The ribbon measures 9-3/8" long and 2" wide.   No damage.   The back of the ribbon is marked "Thos. Stevens, Coventry, England" at the underturned corners.  Stevens was the artist who created the image of Washington on the ribbon.

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