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Bill Clinton WH Golfballs
Original set of three Dunlop Golf Balls with a full color Presidential SEAL on each of them + THE PRINTED SIGNATURE OF BILL CLINTON.  THE SLEEVE is 5"x1.75". 
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  George W. Bush Campaign Golfballs
Original set of three Pinnacle Golf Balls with a 2004 campaign logo  on each of them .  THE SLEEVE is 5 "x 1.75". 
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4K Plate in nice presentation box. 
Cufflinks Set $20.00 
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Set of Cufflinks & Tie bar
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Rare Nixon Diecast Ladies Pin given out by Pres. Nixon in the 
Oval Office.
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Same but for a visit by then-Vice President Al Gore to New York City including box   $45   Buy Now

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Air Force One gift 1" lapel pin   
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Small Personal-sized Full Bottle of White House-Issued Champagne from Bill Clinton's visit to Hilton Head Is., S.C. in 1990  $85  Buy Now 1 1/2" wide gold-colored tiebar from LBJ as Vice President under JFK
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 President Nixon VIP Inaugural Gift
Wonderful 1969 Inaugural Medal encased in wood.  The full-sized Inaugural Medal spins in it's opening.  There is a gorgeous brass plaque with signature of Richard Nixon in facsimile and "With Deep Appreciation 1969".  I've seen these in photos of White House Advisor Ehrlicman's desk in the Nixon White House. 
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President Nixon Presentation Star
 President Nixon presented these lucite stars to presidential aides and campaign contributors in 1972. the 5.5" star comes in its original wooden stand that says "With Deep Appreciation Richard Nixon November 1972" . The original of this design, a gift from ambassador Walter Annenberg, was sculpted in crystal by Steuben Glass and now occupies a place of honor on my desk in the oval office. This replica comes to you with my special appreciation for your help and support in the 1972 campaign, and with every good wish for the years to come- Richard Nixon."  
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6 1/2" Four Leaf Clover in heavy 24 karat gold plate which was   Given personally by Nixon as gifts to Oval Office vistors or extremely high contributors to the 1968 campaign.  On the front is inscribed "buena suerte" and Richard Nixon's signature below it ('buena suerte' means good luck).   On the back is written "One leaf is for hope, and one is for faith, and one is for love, you know, and God put another in for luck".   Below that inscription is written: "24 karat gold plate".   This item was made for hanging on the walls or door with a removable clip (the clip and hanger are included) or used as a desk ornament or paperweight.  A White House presentation card engraved "With best wishes, Richard Nixon" is included with each clover in the original gift box.  All are in mint condition.
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5/8" brass-colored LBJ as Vice President tie-tac
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Matching but silver-colored keychain from VP LBJ
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Extremely Rare Ticket to Impeachment of President Bill Clinton
This is a genuine impeachment ticket which was used to attend the Senate trial of Bill Clinton in 1999 & is NOT a Congressional Office Gallery Pass which is used to gain admittance to the Senate Gallery on any given day (which many pass off as Impeachment Passes).   This ticket was issued for the day that White House Counsel Charles Ruff opened the president's defense in the impeachment trial. This is NOT a Congressional Office Gallery Pass which is used to gain admittance to the Senate Gallery on any given day. These trial tickets are the very RARE YELLOW pass which was handed out in extremely limited quantities to Senators for their offices and reads on the front: "Impeachment Trial of the President of the United States." They are GUARANTEED to be AUTHENTIC.  This would look outstanding if framed. This is your chance to own an authentic piece of American history. Ticket will show a different date than shown perhaps.
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