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Presidential George H.W. Bush Inaugural Invitations & More for 1989

Click Image for Larger Photo of Invitation
President George Herbert Walker Bush (Sr.) and Vice President Dan Quayle 1989 Traditional Inaugural Invitation
Inaug10-1 $65  Buy Now

Inaugural Ball Invitation
Inaug10-2  $14  Buy Now

Invitation to Celebration for Young Americans
Inaug10-3 $10  Buy Now

Rare 1989 Black Tie Inaugural Dinner
Inaug10-4 $20 
Buy Now

(Click Photos for Larger Image)
1989 George H.W. Bush-Dan Quayle  Invitation Program & Congressional Envelope and Photos
Inaug10-5 $85  Buy Now

Leather-like covered Inaugural Invitation & Photo of Bush & Quayle Inaug10-6 $25 
Buy Now

Inaugural Opening Ceremony Invitation
Inaug10-7 $12  Buy Now

Inaugural Black Tie Dinner Invitation - Rare
Inaug10-8 $15  Buy Now

Salute to the First Lady Barbara Bush Invitation

Inaug10-11 $14  Buy Now

Utah State Reception Invitation-Rare Inaug10-12 $14  Buy Now

Inaugural Parade Invitation
Inaug10-13 $10  Buy Now

Amazingly beautiful Silver Ticket to Inaugural Gala--ovrsized too! 
Inaug10-14 $25 
Buy Now

Invitation to Opening Ceremonies
Inaug10- 15 $15 
Buy Now

Absolutely gorgeous Inaugural Gala Program
Inaug10-9  $25 
Buy Now

1st Time I've seen a Ticket to Rehearsal for Inaugural Gala Inaug10-10  $15  Buy Now

American Presidential Pageant Program with photos inside
Inaug10-16 $10  Buy Now

2-Sided 8 1/2" x 11" Program to "George to George" Performance with song.
Inaug10-17  $10 
Buy Now

Inaugural Official Guidebook 80 Pages with photos/parade route, much more
Inaug10-18  $10  Buy Now

Possibly the last ever due to political correctness, Inaugural Ball matchbook
Inaug10-19  $10 
Buy Now

Inaugural Pageant Program & Souvenir Napkin
Inaug10-20 $15  Buy Now

Official Inaugural Souvenirs Catalog, 12-Pages, lots of photos of products
Inaug10- 21 $10  Buy Now

Official Inaugural Upscale Souvenirs Catalog, 16-Pages, lots of photos of products
Inaug10-22 $10  Buy Now

89 Bush-Quayle Inaugural Ball Gorgeous Embossed Program with Red Tassle and color photos inside.
  Inaug10- 23 $25
Buy Now

Official Swearing-In Ceremony Ticket
Inaug10-24 $20  Buy Now

Red Version Ticket
Inaug10-25 $20  Buy Now

Inaugural Opening Ceremony Ticket
Inaug10-26 $10  Buy Now
Rare Oversized Ticket
Inaug10-27  $15 
Buy Now

Inaugural Parade Ticket--Rare Across from White House
Inaug10-28 $10  Buy Now

American Presidential Pageant Gray 7:30 pm Jan. 18th Ticket
Inaug10-29 $10  Buy Now

Presidential Pageant Gold  version ticket Inaug10-30  $10 
Buy Now

American Presidential Pageant White 7:30 pm Jan. 19th Ticket
Inaug10-31 $10  Buy Now

American Presidential Pageant Green 2:00 PM Jan. 19th Ticket
Inaug10-32 $10  Buy Now

American Presidential Pageant Blue 11:00 AM Jan. 19th Ticket
Inaug10-33 $10  Buy Now

American Presidential Pageant Yellow 5:00 PM Jan. 19th Ticket
Inaug10-34 $10  Buy Now

Celebration for Young Americans Ticket
Inaug10-35 $10  Buy Now

All-American Ticket to Democracy Gray Ticket
Inaug10-36 $10  Buy Now

White version
Inaug10-37 $10 
Buy Now

From George to George VIP Green Ticket
Inaug10-38 $8  Buy Now

Presidential Inaugural Committee Unused Envelope
Buy Now

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