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Original Political Paper Items
for American Third Parties
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3rdPartyP-3 sorry sold Lester Maddox -William D. Dyke 1976 1/2 Page Advertise-ment 3rdPartyP-15 $10  Buy Now 1976 John R. Rarick for President Brochure, Seattle
3rdPartyP-4 $7  Buy Now Gus Hall-1976
4-Page  11 1/2" x 15" Paper
3rdPartyP-16 $12  Buy Now 1976 Socialit Workers Party Peter Camejo, Willie Mae Reid  & Washington State Candidates for Senate, etc. 2-fold
3rdPartyP-5 $6  Buy Now Socialist Labor Party of America Facts Sheet - Nathan Karp 3rdPartyP-17 $10   Buy Now 1976 Socialist Labor Party  Julius Levin for Pres., Constance Blomen for VP Official Biographies
3rdPartyP-6 $10 Buy Now Hall & Tyner 2-Page each Biography Sketches 8 1/2 x 11" 3rdPartyP-18 sorry sold 1980 American Party Percy L. Greaves Jr. for President Flier
3rdPartyP-9 $10  Buy Now 1976 Hall-Tyner & Washington State Candidates 1-Fold 8 1/2" x 11" Brochure "Racism Our Nation's Worst Pollutant
3rdPartyP-19 $8 Buy Now 1972 John Schmitz-Tom Anderson American Party 8-page   paper
        3rdPartyP-20 $10  Buy Now John Schmitz 1972  1-Fold Paper  for President  "Independent Party of the State of Washington"
        3rdPartyP-21 $8  Buy Now John Schmitz 1972  1-Fold Paper  for President  and Tom Anderson for VP
        3rdPartyP-22 $8  Buy Now 1972 American Party John G. Schmitz "The Man Who Continues Where Wallace Left Off" Seattle 1-Fold Paper
        3rdPartyP-23 $8   Buy Now 1972 "Who Is Best Qualified-Nixon, McGovern or Schitz?  8-page Schmitz paper
        3rdPartyP-24 $10 Buy Now 1976 Roger MacBride Libertarian  12 Page Paper shows MacBride Airplane to 30 States

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