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Original Political Brochures
Page 3 1972 Campaign
Richard Nixon-Spiro Agnew
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BrochureBB-1 $5  Buy Now Nixon 1972  Crime Brochure BrochureBB-13 $5  Buy Now Nixon 1972  Environment
BrochureBB-2 $5  Buy Now Nixon 1972  Drugs Brochure BrochureBB-14 $5  Buy Now Nixon 1972  Foreign Policy Brochure
BrochureBB-3 $5  Buy Now Nixon 1972  Economy Brochure BrochureBB-15 $5  Buy Now Nixon 1972  Health Care Brochure
BrochureBB-4 $5  Buy Now Nixon 1972  Education
BrochureBB-16 $5
Buy Now
Nixon 1972  Vietnam Brochure
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BrochureBB-5 $5
Buy Now
Nixon 1972  "The Record" from Set above BrochureBB-17 $5  Buy Now 1972 Democrats for  Richard Nixon brochure 
BrochureBB-6 $5  Buy Now 1972 Richard Nixon  anti-McGovern Brochure


BrochureBB-18 $5  Buy Now 1972  Richard Nixon brochure   
BrochureBB-7 $5  Buy Now 1972 Richard Nixon  Women's Brochure


BrochureBB-19 $5  Buy Now 1972  Richard Nixon brochure   
BrochureBB-8 $5  Buy Now 1972  Richard Nixon brochure    BrochureBB-20 $5  Buy Now 1972  Richard Nixon, Nelson Gross Postcard
BrochureBB-9 $4  Buy Now 1972  Richard Nixon George McGovern for Eagleton 1000% faux $1 BrochureBB-21 $7 Buy Now "Impeach" Richard Nixon Window Sticker
BrochureBB-10 $5  Buy Now 1972 Postgram for   Richard Nixon Postcard BrochureBB-22 $7  Buy Now "Impeach-,memt because I love my Country" Richard Nixon small Bumper Sticker
BrochureBB-11 $5  Buy Now 1972  Richard Nixon Postcard        
BrochureBB-12 $5  Buy Now 1972 Vets for   Richard Nixon Brochure        
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