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Original Indiana Campaign Paper Items--Posters, Brochures & Bumper Stickers
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Indiana Candidates for Governor, Local Office, U.S. Senate & Congress
IndPaper-1 $15  Buy Now Indiana 1928 Democratic State & National Platforms 30 Pages  
IndPaper-3 $15  Buy Now Indiana The Republican Way--Performance NOT Promise with Herbert Hoover ticket and Arthur Robinson for U.S. Sen., Harry Leslie for Gov.    
IndPaper-4 $15  Buy Now Roosevelt-Farner-VanNuys-McNutt Flier "How Hoover's Farm Policy Works" 1932  
IndPaper-5 $15  Buy Now Roosevelt-Farner-VanNuys-McNutt Flier " Square Deal for Agriculture" 1932  
IndPaper-6 $15  Buy Now Indiana Democratic Party issued "Stand by Roosevelt FDR 1-fold Brochure, "Send Sherman Minton to the Senate. Return each Congressman"
IndPaper-7 $15  Buy Now Indiana Democratic Handbook Campaign of 1932 , 56 pages with photos of statewide candidates inside of Frederick Van Nuys for U.S. Sen., McNutt for Gov., etc.  
IndPaper-8 $15  Buy Now Indiana Sen. Arthur R. Robinson for Re-Election 1-fold brochure with some missing paper on bottom fold, 4 pages    
IndPaper-9 $10  Buy Now Vote for Van Nuys & McNutt, Roosevelt & Garner "The Forgotten Farmer" has tear in fold.
IndPaper-11 $15  Buy Now Wonderful 1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry Wallace 12-Page Brochure with photos inside of 11 Indiana Candidates, Minton U.S. Sen, Schricker Gov., etc.  
IndPaper-12 $15  Buy Now 2-Fold "Views of Democracy on Agriculture" by Indiana Democratic Party with FDR leading ticket and entire ticket including Congressional ticket inside, Depression talk inside  
IndPaper-13 $15  Buy Now Indiana 4-Page Large Democratic Party on Heavy Paper  Brochure with Entire State Ticket with Clifford Townsend Gov., Sherman U.S. Sen., VanNuys U.S. Sen., etc.--Poster sized  
11" x 17" each Page when closed
IndPaper-15 $10  Buy Now Indiana "Vote for Congressional Candidate in 1936" with full Ticket shown on reverse of Postcard-sized card  
IndPaper-16 $12  Buy Now Unused Piece of 1927 Dated General Assembly of State of Indiana Stationery "House of Representatives - Harry G. Leslie Speaker"  
IndPaper-17 $15  Buy Now 64-Page Book Program to the Democratic State Convention of Indiana June 16, 1936 with List of Delegates, Program, FDR photos, etc.  
IndPaper-19 $15  Buy Now 6-Page, 2-fold brochure "Re-elect Senator Minton Whip of the United States Senate" with complete National FDR-Henry Wallace ticket on reverse and state ticket as well  
IndPaper-20 $10 Buy Now Large 11" x 17" Sample Indiana State Ballot for Dubois Co. with Vance Hartke vs. Russell Vontrager (Republican) etc.  
IndPaper-21 $10  Buy Now 8 1/2" x 11" booklet Vance Hartke with lots of photos inside with LBJ, 12 pages    
IndPaper-22 $8  Buy Now "Lets Quit Taxing the Ladies" Hartke 4-page 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" when closed brochure, quit taxing cosmetics, jewelry, furs, etc.  
IndPaper-23 $7  Buy Now Young Abe Lincoln was a Hoosier with info. on Harke helping create Lincoln National Memorial in Indiana, 4 pages, 1-fold,  
IndPaper-24 $7  Buy Now "Help Re-Elect U.S. Senator Vance Hartke--Help Hartke Help Hoosiers" 3 3/4" x 5" when opened hand card  
IndPaper-25 $7  Buy Now "Let's Speak Up for  Senator Hartke" 3-fold 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" when folded with achievements and LBJ's comments
 hand card
IndPaper-26 $7 Buy Now "Farmers Get 3 cents for a 21 cent Loaf of Bread"  Postcard
IndPaper-27 $5  Buy Now "why Vance Hartke voted to cut taxes"
3 1/2" x 6 1/4" when closed 1-fold 4 page brochure with his photo & Luther Hodges inside
IndPaper-28 $5  Buy Now "Senator Vance Hartke's Victory News letter" 8 1/2" x 14" 2-sides
IndPaper-29 $5  Buy Now "We're For Vance Hartke U.S. Senator"
2 1/4" x 4" silk lapel sticker


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