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19th Century Political Campaign Tokens Ulysses S. Grant to Horace Greeley
TrokenGrant-4  U.S. Grant Municipal Employees Parade Medal 1" Brass
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TrokenGrant-5 Ulysses S. Grant token with light reverse imprint
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TrokenGrant-6  1868 Ulysses S. Grant USG 1868-35, Copper 24 mm Honoring Vicksburg Battle Win
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TrokenGrant-7 1868 Horatio Seymour & Francis P. Blair Jr.  Pro-Confederate General Amnesty

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TrokenGrant-8 Horace Greeley "The Sage of Chappaqua" Liberal Republican Party 1872 Horace Greeley "The Sage of Chappaqua and Brown and Amnesty Brass Medalet. This medalet measures 24mm across and is holed at the top. Has a dark rich patina.  Greeley is called "The Sage of Chappaqua" $85   Buy Now
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1862 Lieutenant General Grant's Grand March Sheet Music
TokensGrant-9  10" x 13 1/2" Sheet Music "Respectfully Dedicated to Lieutenant General U. S. Grant" with listings of his victories at battle during the Civil War on each side of his portrait in Uniform. 
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