George W. Bush Campaign Buttons for Governor
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George W. Bush Texas Governor Tote Bag
Beige canvas TOTE BAG from the GEORGE W. BUSH CAMPAIGN when he was GOVERNOR OF TEXAS. On the front in red and blue is "Bush Texas Governor". Printed in very small letters on the underside or bottom of the bag is "Political Advertisement paid for by Governor Bush Committee, 504 Lavaca, Suite 1010, Austin, Texas, 78701, Phone (512)472-2874, Fax(512)322-9895. Alan Shivers, Jr. Treasurer." The bag has two blue woven handles. It measures roughly 13 1/4 inches wide X 14 3/4 inches tall measured flat. Each handle is about 23 inches long (measured from outside the bag). Bag is nice and clean - never used. $20   Buy Now

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Fabulous Bush for Governor of Texas Poster or Postcard Available
One of the best designs to come out of Texas for a political campaign. This features all statewide candidates of the Republican Party in 1998 (ALL OF THEM WON IN THE BUSH LANDSLIDE). The item pictured is a postcard (reverse features portraits of Senators Kay Bailey Hutcheson & Phil Gramm as Co-Chairs of this Victory 98 Committee.

Postcard is $7
This also comes in an absolutely fabulous poster--it is identical except above "Texas All-Star Team" it has Kay Bailey Hutcheson & Phil Gramm's photo on the front of the poster along with these other candidates. The
poster will come rolled in a mailing tube and was not issued in large numbers but one each was given to each Delegate to the State GOP Convention that year.

Poster is $35 postpaid in it's special tube.

GWBg-a Bush Governor 1998 20" x 26" Poster $25   Buy Now

GWBg-b Bush Governor 1998 Postcard $7   Buy Now

GWBGWBg-200 Official
1 1/4" celluloid from 1994  $15 
Buy Now
GWBGWBg-201 1994 1 3/4" $10  Buy Now GWBGWBg-202  1 3/4" Bush Gov. and Special Election when Kay Bailey Hutchison won
U. S. Senator  $10 
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GWBGWBg-203   3" tall officially-issued celluloid button for 1999 Inauguration of Gov. Bush & Lt. Gov. Perry with official slogan "Together We Can", their names & dates.  $10  Buy Now GWBGWBg-204 1994 2 1/2" Official Brazos Co. GOP Hqs. $10  Buy Now
GWBGWBg-205   2  1/2" celluloid 1994  $12  Buy Now GWBGWBg-206   2 1/2" celluloid 1995 Inaugural 
Buy Now
GWBGWBg-207   2 1/2" celluloid "We Love the Guv. 1995 Inaugural $8  Buy Now GWBGWBg-208 1995 Inaugural 3" tall Celluloid button with Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock, a Dem. who became a close ally & supporter of Gov. Bush  $20  Buy Now GWBGWBg-209 Official Dallas-area Justice David Richards for Court of Appeals and Bush for Pres. in 2000 2 1/4" cello. $10  Buy Now
GWBGWBg-210 Official 2 1/4" celluloid 1998 with silver rim 
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GWBGWBg-211  Rare 2 1/2" celluloid button "George Bush Jr. for Governor 1994" black background version
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GWBGWBg-212  Rare 2 1/2" celluloid button "George Bush Jr. for Governor 1994" red background version
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GWBGWBg-213  Official 2 1/2" long Election Night 1998 celluloid button with logo used on banners that night in Austin  $12  Buy Now GWBGWBg-214 Official Dinner Preceding 1999 Inaugural with Lt. Gov. Rick Perry, now Tx. Gov. 3" cello. $12  Buy Now

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