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Herbert Hoover Campaign Buttons
for 1928, 1932 Campaigns
and  Al Smith Democratic Campaign Buttons

Add $4.95 Postage Per Order

HO-1  "Speed Recovery (from the Depression) Re-Elect Hoover 5/8" litho button
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HO-2  Greaat "Hoo But Hoover" 7/8" celluloid.
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HO-3   "Make Hoover President" unusual 7/8" cello. with original Philadelphia Badge Co. backpaper $50   Buy Now

HO-4  Hoover and Curtis litho 7/8"  
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HO-5 Very nice Herbert Hoover for President photo button with original Whitehead & Hoag backpaper  
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HO-6  Hoover for President  7/8" cello $30  Buy Now HO-7  Hoover for President Cooper for Governor of Ohio 7/8" litho $35  Buy Now HO-8  7/8" litho "Hoover"
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HO-10  Hoover-Curtis 5/8" litho with normal litho wear
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HO-10a  Big 2 1/4" Hoover for President, Curtis for Vice President celluloid Button.  Sadly most of the button has a lot of wear on it but photos clear.  Over $250 value but here only $45  Buy Now


HO-11  3/4" Vote It Straight--Republican ticket"
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HO-12 Hoover almost
1 1/2" fabric on metal bar lapel pin
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HO-13 Same as HO-12 but as stickpin $35   Buy Now


HO-14 Hoover tab
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HO-15   Herbert Hoover bend-over tab
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Al Smith, Democratic Nominee vs. Hoover 1928
ALS-2  7/8" cello. Al Smith for New York Gov.
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ALS-3  7/8" cello. Re-Elect Al Smith for New York Gov.
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ALS-4  7/8" litho beauty for Al Smith for President
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ALS-5  Al Smith  7/8" for President
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ALS-7 Al "Smith for President" very rare different photo button
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ALS-8    Al "Smith for President" beautiful celluloid for the "Happy Warrior"
$50   Buy Now
ALS-9   Al Smith and his VP nominee Frank Robinson for 1928 vs. Hoover. 7/8" cello 
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ALS-10  Same as #9  but  7/8"litho  
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Al Smith Golfing Clock
Al Smith failed presidential race wooden and resin sign. This sign is about 16"(W) x 24"(H) and is very colorful .   Has the golfer and a pair watching him are in 3-D.  
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