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Theodore Roosevelt Campaign Buttons
for 1904 and 1912 Presidential Elections

Big 1 3/4"  cello. in great condition
1898 Teddy Roosevelt for NY Governor holed by manufacturer at bottom to hold a rabbit's foot on many of these.  $225 
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1 1/4"  cello.
Teddy Roosevelt for President & Charles Fairbanks for VP beautiful condition.
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1 1/4"  cello.
Teddy Roosevelt unlisted and quite rare beauty
$ 225 Buy Now


7/8"  cello.
Col. Teddy Roosevelt with original backpaper
$195 Buy Now


TR-4   7/8" cello. for Teddy Roosevelt with Edwin Stuart for Governor of Pennsylvania with original backpaper 

$85 Buy Now

1"  cello.
Teddy Roosevelt for President with original backpaper

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 TR-13  Nice 7/8" cello. Teddy Roosevelt with VP nominee Charles Fairbanks button with original Rochester, NY backpaper.  Two small spots which appear to be under the cello. as made.
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 TR-14    Nice 5/8" cello. Teddy Roosevelt stud. 
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TR-15  1 1/4" cello. Classic Good Luck Wishbone design with original Whitehead & Hoag backpaper
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TR-16   7/8" Roosevelt Memorial Association pin
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 TR-17 Teddy Roosevelt 1912 Bullmoose stickpin button
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TR-19   1 1/4" cello. button with age and splits
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TR-20  Great
1 1/4" cello. for TR from 1904 campaign with original Rochester, NY backpaper.
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 TR-21 Another beautiful Teddy Roosevelt with little crack on forehead area.  1 1/4" cello. $145   Buy Now
TR-22   1" Theodore Roosevelt "First Voters Club" with light printing $40    Buy Now TR-23 TR-Fairbanks 1904 7/8" cello.  with small cello crack on Fairbanks $45    Buy Now


TR-23a TR-Theodore Roosevelt't Log Cabin in North Dakota 1 1/4" cello with original backpaper (sorry sold)


TR-24  Teddy Roosevelt in full Rough Rider uniform but missing the little pin on reverse.  1 1/4" tall metal pin

$25   Buy Now


7/8"  cello.
Col. Teddy Roosevelt with original backpaper
(sorry sold)


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