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Lester Maddox Buttons
 American Independent Party for President
and Governor of Georgia Buttons and Memorabilia
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Lester-1    Re-Elect Lester Maddox Governor 1990 campaign poster from Georgia.  Governor who barred blacks from eating in his restaurant. 
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Lester-2    7/8"  Lester "Maddox for President celluloid button with aging not shown
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Lester-3   Lester Maddox for Governor litho. button
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Lester-5   3" x 11" Maddox for Governor bumper sticker, unused condition.
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Lester-6  2-fold Maddox for Governor brochure "Truths and Facts about Salary Increases for State Officials" from 1974
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 Original unopended tape of Lester Maddox as he "sings, whistles, speaks and plays harmonica" to Christian classics.  Background by the famous gospel group Hovie Lister and the Statesmen Quartet.  $15  
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Lester-8   Legal-sized campaign evelope for Lester Maddox Campaign Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia from 1974
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Lester-9   Lester Maddox Democrat for President
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Lester-10   Lester Maddox Democrat for President 1 1/4" cello. with some age
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  Lester-12  Unused mint condition child-sized Lester Maddox t-shirt showing Maddox on his bicycle saying "Phooey!"--his catch phrase.
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Lester-13  Styrofoam hat with Maddox for Governor bumper sticker around it and two Maddox for governor buttons like Lester-3 buttons holding the sticker in place and AUTOGRAPHED BY LESTER MADDOX himself on top.     $45  Buy Now