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Strom Thurmond Buttons
 States' Rights Democrats for President 1948
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Most of this rare collection came from a family that worked in the Thurmond-Wright campaign of 1948 and directly from the Thurmond-Wright States' Rights Democrats Tennessee Headquarters in Nashville.  Some were even in an original envelope from the headquarters.  The first person who buys a complete set of the 1948 items will get the envelope as well for free. 
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TW48-4 Thurmond-Wright 1" States' Rights Democrat Party 1948 lithograph button--harder and harder to find!  Has some rough on front but looks fine.
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TW48-2 Thurmond-Wright extremely rare postcard from 1948.  This is one of the rarest items from that campaign and has sold consistently over $500 for decades. Light edge damage on extreme left side -- click on photo for full view. 
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TW48-6 Business-card sized 1948 dated card advertising appearance of Strom Thurmond, States' Rights Candidate for President at the famous Ryman Auditiorium (home of the Grand Ole' Opry in Nashville.  A rare piece of memorabilia from the Dixiecrat campaign  $35  Buy Now TW48-7 Another Business-card size 1948 hand-card supporting Strom Thurmond for President and Fielding Wright for Vice President on the States' Rights Democratics Party ticket of the Dixiecrats which split with the Democratic Party in 1948 at the Democratic National Convention from Truman. Another rare piece of memorabilia.  $35  Buy Now
TW48-8 Original from the 1948 Thurmond Dixiecrat campaign 1 1/2" x 2 3/4" envelope sticker of the Confederate flag issued by the campaign  $5  Buy Now


O-608a Historic  Campaign of Sen. Strom Thurmond for Pres. Made by A.G. Trimble Co. as hopeful 1968 1 1/4" cello. button. 
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O-610 Rare 1974 Senator Strom Thurmond Handcard with his Wife & Kids
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O-609 Historic  Campaign of Sen. Strom Thurmond for Pres. "Save the Constitution" photo 7/8" button.  Made by A.G. Trimble Co. as hopeful 1968 button.  $35  Buy Now