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Original Political Brochures


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OlderBroch-2 $5  Buy Now President & Mrs. William McKinley "McKinley Memorial" Postcard with age OlderBroch-13 $10 Buy Now 1936 Ballot Communist Party Alexandria April 2, 1936 places for write-ins for Delegates for Ntional Convention, etc.
OlderBroch-14 $4 Buy Now "Meet Thomas E. Dewey"22-page booklet but cover missing
OlderBroch-6 $17 Buy Now Fabulous Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Bear "Good Bye Teddy" from Billy Possum "Wm Howard Taft, good condition, postally used to Vt. OlderBroch-15 $12 Buy Now 3 1/4" x 10 1/2" Near-Mint Acknowledgement of Dollar Donation to Dewey-Warren Campaign of 1948 versus Harry Truman
OlderBroch-7 $12 Buy Now William Howard Taft of Ohio for President Postcard, great shape--written in pencil on reverse but not postally used OlderBroch-16 $12 Buy Now "Ike" 3" x 6" window sticker appears attached to a board
OlderBroch-8 $20 Buy Now Rare 1920 Campaign James M. Cox vs Warren G. Harding Insurance Co. wih elector vote calculator to use on Election Night on reverse--has reinforcement tape on folds but looks professional.  A Beauty! OlderBroch-17 $10 Buy Now 4 31/4" x 8 1/2" Window Sticker "Eisenhower-Lodge-Herter (Chris) not used, slight edge fray at 1:00


OlderBroch-10 sorry sold 6" x 9" 1920 Harding-Coolidge Campaign Ad "Vote for Cox in November-Register for the Draft in December" OlderBroch-18 $7  Buy Now Dwight Eisenhower 2-Fold Camaign Card 
OlderBroch-11 $14 Buy Now 2 3/8" x 4" business-sized carfd "Our Slogan-4,000 For Coolidge" Pittsfield Branch, Repuublican State League, Robert Ralston Chairman" 1924 Calvin Coolidge OlderBroch-19 $5 Buy Now Dwight Eisenhower Convention Postcard
OlderBroch-12 sorry sold 4" x 8 1/2" Hoover-Curtis 1928 Pennsylvania Republican State Committee Scorecard--Really cute to score each week for Registrations OlderBroch-20 $7 Buy Now Eisenhower on Conservation brochure

OlderBroch-22 $7  Buy Now Eisenhower-Nixon 2-fold Campaign flier OlderBroch-21 $7  Buy Now Eisenhower Agriculature Booklet
        OlderBroch-22 $7  Buy Now New York Eisenhower for President Club Congressional Dist. Delegates List Business Card-sized card 44th Cong. Dist.

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