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Early Political Items
from George Washington to 1856 Campaign Memorabilia 

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 Anti-Andrew Jackson Supporting Martin Van Buren Token
Running Boar with Obverse: "Perish Credit, Perish Commerce, 1834, My Victory, My Third Heat, Down with the Bank". Reverse: Andrew Jackson Bust, "My Substitute for the U.S. Bank, My Experiment, My Currency, My Glory". This is one of the earlier political hard times tokens that was 'celebrating' President Jackson's banking policies that forced the US into a recession with huge amounts of private bank failures. The running boar may be President Jackson's experiment running wild and causing havoc to the nation. The image of Jackson's bust on the reverse reminds of a statue that could have been displayed high on a pedestal. 
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AJ-3  Martin Van Buren 1841 Daniel Webster Credit Hard Times Token

What a fabulous hard times token! This authentic anti Van Buren political satirical token features on the obverse the ship Amistad and reads: WEBSTER CREDIT 1841 CURRENCY. The reverse features Amistad and reads: VAN BUREN METALLIC 1837 CURRENCY. La Amistad was a 19th-century two mast schooner of about 120 feet (37 m). Built in the United States, La Amistad (Spanish for 'friendship') was originally named Friendship but she was renamed after being purchased by a Spaniard. Strictly speaking, La Amistad was not a slave ship; she was not designed to transport large cargoes of slaves, nor did she engage in the Middle Passage of Africans to the Americas. 
Obverse says "Millioins for Defense" - "Not One Cent for Tribute" 

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Beautiful Detailed George Washington Effanbee Doll with Stand.  Excellent condition--over a foot tall and breathtaking--comes from smoke-free home. 
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